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About  Team  Challenger

Team Challenger Personal Training; named for Chris Challenger's clients who has affectionately labeled themselves as Chris's team or "Team Challenger".

*Located in the Winter Park Florida at the state of the art training facility (Winter Park Health & Fitness)

*Chris is ready to guide you on the path to achieving your fitness goals. Chris is professionally certified and highly experienced in building effective personal fitness plans for individuals of all ages and levels of fitness who seek to improve their physical wellness. 

Chris Challenger|Personal Trainer|Weight Loss|Losing Weight|Diet


If it doesn't Challenge you, it doesn't Change you.

It's important when embarking on a journey into fitness that you Challenge yourself. As a client of Team Challenger you'll be pushed, encouraged and definitely Challenged.

Chris trains his clients with the same approach for his own training. He believes that you only get better when you train with someone that can perform at a higher level than your current level. whether your goals are to be faster, stronger, bigger or leaner, you will benefit from being a member of Team Challenger

Chris Challenger|Personal Trainer|Weight Loss|Losing Weight|Diet

Team work makes the Dream work.

Working together in a safe and supportive environment is a part of a successful training program. Having someone with the know-how to assist you during your workouts allows us to push beyond your personal limits. In the gym, its referred to as a spot. On the road, its called a draft. Regardless of what type of training you are doing, a helping hand is always the smartest choice.

Chris Challenger|Personal Trainer|Weight Loss|Losing Weight|Diet

All I do is Win, Win, Win.

As a former Pro bodybuilder, Chris will expect only your best. Your best comes in stages. For the Jr. athlete, his/her expectation is to make it to the next level of performance. For the adult working professional/parent, their goals are usually retaining the level of fitness that they've worked so hard to accomplish. And for the senior citizen, balance and flexibility is top on the priority list.

For every stage of your fitness ladder, Chris will make sure that you are successful.

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