Our Clients

We feel fortunate to work with such a diverse and interesting group of motivated individuals.   Here are a few of the amazing clients who we have helped achieve  fitness goals over the years.

Effective. Efficient. Fun. Those are the top three words that pop into my mind when describing personal training with Chris Challenger.

I have worked with many personal trainers and owned a personal training facility for years; Chris is by far my favorite for a number of reasons. His training sessions are always different and interesting (I think he lies in bed at night and thinks of ways to make you work hard!). His method of circuit training is logical and keeps moving, but he'll always take the time to explain why you're doing what you're doing and how it'll help. He really listens. Chris is always upbeat and in a great mood and I looked forward to training with him. He helped inspire me to get my personal trainer certification and was supportive and helpful.


-Wendy Chioji


They say a picture is worth a thousand words but these pictures speak millions for what we did. I say we because there is no way I could have had the success I did without the program Chris set up. His monitoring of that program, and the pushes and nudges, given to me along the way. And because I wanted to do it and you wanted me to

Succeed more. I know thanks is not a big enough word, but anyway...


-Dan Smith



As a former beauty pageant competitor, I had always maintained an exceptional degree of fitness.  While in college I decided to enroll in the police academy.  I started weight training to help with the physical demands of the academy and my position as a law enforcement officer, while continuing to compete in beauty pageants.  In an effort to further my fitness career, I solicited the personal training services of Chris Challenger and with his help I was able to build a more lean athletic physique.  With his encouragement, I decided to enter a regional fitness competition.  In 2003 I entered the Fitness America Florida Competition, taking first place in the Bikini Series.


Thanks Chris!


-Monica Only

Thank you Chris

-Steve Preist




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